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Cars experience more wear and tear than other machines we use in our everyday lives. Our constant use of them on rough roads can result in auto parts deteriorating or breaking completely. But not every broken part is caused by wear and tear. If a car part was inherently defective and it caused an accident, you may have a liability claim.

That being said, claims involving defective products are complex, and they require a thorough investigation by skilled attorneys and other experts. Not just any law firm can handle these cases, and you ideally want a dedicated Virginia auto product liability lawyer to get proper compensation after an accident.

That’s where we at GibsonSingleton Virginia Injury Attorneys come in. With years of experience, we will work around the clock to make sure you get the compensation you are owed. No one should be left paying for an accident that wasn’t their fault. With our legal team at your side, you can recover while we do the heavy-lifting to get proper compensation. To learn how we can help you, schedule a free meeting with us by calling (804) 413-6777 or toll-free at (855) 781-6777.

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Common auto product defects

Cars are built to withstand harsh treatment and hundreds of thousands of miles on the road. But sadly, not all cars and auto parts are designed, manufactured, transported, or maintained properly. This means that your vehicle can suddenly fail and cause a collision or injury because of a single defective part.

Some of the more common auto defects include:

  • Defective seatbelts
  • Airbag failures
  • Brake defects
  • Popped or weak tires
  • Weak roofs
  • Door latch failures
  • Structural collapses

Any of these defects can lead to a collision and injuries, resulting in costly medical bills and repairs. If one of your vehicle’s features fails, you and your family could be seriously hurt.

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Why are auto defects dangerous?

Few situations are more frightening than pressing down on your brake while approaching a red light and realizing that your car won’t slow down. If your brakes don’t work, what should you do? Tragically, there’s usually not much you can do if your car’s brakes suddenly break on you.

Auto defects can lead to high-speed, high impact accidents, which result in serious injuries including:

These injuries can lead to weeks in the hospital, months of recovery, and even a lifetime disability. You could be facing high medical bills, lost wages, and enormous pain. That doesn’t even include the emotional toll an accident can take.

However, in auto defect cases, you can receive compensation for injuries and damage from the responsible party. But who is that?

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Who is responsible for defects?

When it comes to filing an injury claim for an auto defect, you first have to determine whom you should file the claim against. That can be complicated because many parties could be responsible. In our experience, some of the most commonly responsible parties are:

The manufacturer: The manufacturing company designs a vehicle or auto part and then builds it. If the flaw is in the design itself, they are liable for not performing the proper tests to make sure the product was safe. If the flaw was in the manufacturing, they are still responsible because they didn’t do the proper safety inspections after it was built.

The shipping company: Once a car is complete, it must be shipped to dealerships. This may mean the car is handled by several delivery companies, each of which must ensure that the car stays in peak condition. If a shipper damages the car while moving it, they are liable for the injuries that the damage causes.

The dealership: Cars can sit at dealerships for a long time, waiting to be sold. During this waiting period, they have to be maintained to ensure they are in top driving condition. If a dealership does not fully inspect a car before it is sold, the dealer can be found liable if a defective part later causes an accident.

The mechanic: Mechanics are responsible for diagnosing issues in your vehicle and fixing them. If a mechanic replaced an old auto part with a defective one, they may be partially at fault for the accident -- because they should have known the part wouldn’t work properly, especially if it had been recalled.

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How can I successfully prove liability?

After determining who is responsible for your injuries, you have to prove they acted negligently. Winning a personal injury claim requires solid evidence; otherwise, the insurance provider will quickly dismiss your claim. When it comes to auto defect cases, a few key factors must be demonstrated, including:

  • The auto part/vehicle was defective.
  • That defect was the direct cause of an accident.
  • As a result of the accident, you were injured, suffered financial hardship, or emotional trauma.
  • The party you are filing a claim against is the party responsible for the defect.

Finding the responsible party and holding them accountable can be difficult. You need an in-depth investigation to find evidence to support your claim. Fortunately, we at GibsonSingleton Virginia Injury Attorneys stand ready to help.

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Dedicated legal advice after a Virginia auto product liability accident

After experiencing something as traumatic as an auto accident, you are probably feeling frightened, stressed, and alone. That’s why we at GibsonSingleton Virginia Injury Attorneys consider it a calling to offer you our support and expertise.

With skilled Virginia car accident attorneys working for you, you can rest easy knowing that we will thoroughly investigate your claim and fight for proper compensation from whoever caused your injuries. To meet with us for free to find out all your options, call (804) 413-6777 or toll-free at (855) 781-6777.

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