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Sometimes, you just want to get away from it all. Camping and water activities are refreshing ways to escape from the modern world for a while.

We’re fortunate to live in Virginia, which is full of natural beauty. With so many parks, lakes, rivers, and beaches, we have a lot of opportunities to venture outdoors and enjoy activities like camping, hiking, boating, swimming, and other water sports.

But, what most people don’t know is:

An estimated 1,000 deaths happen in U.S. national parks each year. The leading cause of death in national parks is drowning, accounting for about 33% of all fatalities. Car accidents are the second highest cause of fatalities in national parks at 31%.

An estimated 4,000-5,000 injuries happen related to hiking each year in the U.S. Slips or falls are the most common injury while hiking, accounting for nearly 50% of all hiking injuries and accidents. Most hikers who die are male, accounting for 79% of mortalities in state parks as of 2016.

It’s also important to know that the staff who maintain recreational facilities and the companies that make recreational equipment have to take reasonable precautions to keep people safe. When they fail to do so, catastrophic injuries and fatalities can result.

If you were harmed by someone’s careless behavior, contact GibsonSingleton Virginia Injury Attorneys. We’ll file a claim to help you recover the costs of your medical bills and other expenses caused by the accident such as occupational therapy.

As former members of the U.S. Marine Corps, Ken Gibson and John Singleton have served their country, and now they’re ready to serve you. They know how to prepare a plan and execute on it successfully for you.

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What causes Virginia river, lake, and camping injuries?

When you head out into the natural world, you’re probably just focused on having a good time with family and friends. But things can go south pretty fast if the people in charge fail to take sensible precautions.

Business owners, employees, and managers must remain alert about the condition of their facilities. They’re required to address hazards they are aware of and hazards they should have known about. State and federal parks and campgrounds may be immune from a lawsuit based on sovereign immunity, but each case must be investigated.

People who are responsible for poorly maintained camping facilities, careless equipment rental companies, and manufacturers of faulty camping equipment can be held liable for injuries that result from their reckless behavior.

Examples of hazards that harm unsuspecting campers and water sports enthusiasts include:

  • Broken picnic tables
  • Poorly maintained recreational equipment
  • Failure to post warning signs about dangerous conditions
  • Flammable tents, blankets, and sleeping bags
  • When businesses rent recreational equipment to intoxicated guests
  • Failure to provide life vests and other water sports safety equipment
  • Defective stoves and lanterns that cause fires
  • Failure to inform clients about ATV, Jet Ski, and watercraft safety rules
  • Unmarked wet floors and other fall risks inside facilities

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What types of injuries can result from river, lake, and camping accidents?

Water sports are fun and exhilarating. But the people who rent out boats, kayaks, personal watercraft, and other recreational vessels have to make sure that everyone who uses their equipment is sober, has the right training and qualifications, and is old enough to legally operate the equipment.

Rental companies must also supply the necessary safety gear and teach renters how to use the equipment properly.

Fires are a frequent cause of injury for campers. That’s why campgrounds post and enforce campsite safety rules. And manufacturers of camping equipment have to meet strict standards to prevent fires and burns.

Fires, falls, and water-related accidents result in several types of injuries, including:

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Who is responsible for river, lake, and camping injuries?

Your Virginia personal injury lawyer will investigate the accident to find out what really happened. After our investigation is complete, the experienced attorneys at GibsonSingleton Virginia Injury Attorneys will file a claim against one or more of the following negligent parties:

  • Equipment rental companies
  • Manufacturers of dangerous or faulty equipment
  • Careless, intoxicated, or violent campers
  • Private vendors who operate at beaches, lakes, rivers, and campsites

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What types of compensation can I recover for river, lake, and camping injuries?

Injuries caused by faulty equipment, unsafe premises, and other hazards often require extensive medical treatment. For example, near-drowning accidents may cause brain damage and other life-changing medical complications.

A personal injury claim for river, lake, or camping injuries includes the following types of damages:

  • Current and future medical care
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Wheelchair access for your home
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy

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Why should I call GibsonSingleton to help after an outdoors accident?

Ken Gibson and John Singleton are former U.S. Marines who’ve made it our calling to assist accident victims. The person who harmed you should have to pay for what they did or carelessly chose not to do.

At GibsonSingleton Virginia Injury Attorneys, we won’t charge you anything unless we win your case – it’s our Zero Fee Guarantee. We also don’t charge you to meet with us and find out if we can help.

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