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Hurt in a bike crash on Virginia’s Middle Peninsula? We can help you

Like most of coastal Virginia, King and Queen County is a great place for riding.

King and Queen is a mostly-landlocked county on Virginia’s beautiful Middle Peninsula, between the York and Rappahannock Rivers. It’s approximately 20 miles northeast of downtown Richmond. King and Queen County was established in 1691 and is home to more than 7,000 people today.

While motorcycling is a great way to take in Old Dominion’s rural landscape, motorcycles themselves can be quite dangerous - mainly because they’re smaller than cars, unprotected, and difficult for other drivers to see. Virginia had 2,119 motorcycle accidents in 2017, resulting in 1,670 injuries and 108 deaths. That was an almost 50 percent increase from the number of motorcycle deaths in 2016!

In King and Queen County, we’ve gone from zero motorcycle accidents in 2017 to three in 2018. That’s a much bigger increase, so we encourage bikers passing through to ride safely.

Unfortunately, motorcycle crashes in this area are spread out and don’t seem to conform to a pattern. No roads have caused an unusual amount of accidents – and maybe that’s because roads don’t have much to do with most motorcycle collisions.

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What are the common causes of motorcycle accidents?

Most motorcycle accidents (42 percent) are caused by another vehicle making a left turn in front of a motorcycle at an intersection, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This usually happens because the driver of the other vehicle doesn’t see the motorcycle, or misjudges the distance to the motorcycle. Again, this is because bikes are harder to see.

Another cause of accidents is a vehicle changing lanes into, or in front of the motorcycle. This often occurs because the motorcycle gets obscured by the other driver’s blind spot.

Most motorcycle fatalities (74 percent) are caused by head-on collisions. Only 6 percent of motorcycle accidents are caused by the bike being hit from behind, and the rest are by side collisions. What would be a minor sideswipe for a car can be a deadly crash for a motorcyclist.

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Can you get compensation after a motorcycle accident in King and Queen?

Because motorcycles don’t offer the protection afforded by cars and trucks, motorcyclists tend to suffer worse injuries. We’ve seen bikers with road rash, broken legs and arms, ruptured internal organs, crush injuries that sometimes require amputation, traumatic brain injury (especially if a helmet wasn’t worn), and spinal damage. Some motorcyclists have had to be rushed by ambulance to Riverside Hospital in Gloucester or MCV in Richmond to save their lives.

If you’ve been in a motorcycle wreck in King and Queen, you’ve likely racked up some serious medical bills and missed a significant amount of work. If your accident was the result of another driver’s mistake, you can file a claim against their insurance company. You may be able to recover money for your lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, permanent injury, property loss, and more.

Further, if you’ve lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to wrongful death damages, which include funeral and burial expenses, medical bills, future income and benefits, and pain and suffering of the deceased before death.

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Should you get a local lawyer to help you after a collision?

Motorcycle accident claims can be complex, and they typically involve dealing with the other driver’s insurance company. Fortunately, John Singleton of GibsonSingleton Virginia Injury Attorneys worked for big insurance companies for more than 10 years and knows how to work with them. While he was doing insurance defense work, his partner Ken Gibson was prosecuting thousands of cases in federal and state courts. Now that these former U.S. Marines have joined together to provide their services to injury victims like you, they get results.

Together, John and Ken have been working cases for more than 48 years, and they will put their know-how to work for you. As community-based King and Queen County auto accident lawyers, John and Ken work with local insurance adjusters to get clients the best deal possible – as quickly as possible. But if the insurance companies don’t want to play fair, then they’re willing to seek justice in court. John and Ken aren’t afraid to go to trial to get their clients justice.

Call GibsonSingleton Virginia Injury Attorneys for a free case evaluation at (804) 413-6777 to discuss all of your legal options. For our neighbors in King and Queen County, there’s no better friend.

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