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What are the 10 most dangerous intersections in Gloucester County, VA? And how can you stay safe while driving through them

By John Singleton on April 20, 2023

You already know to stay alert when you’re driving because a careless driver could always harm you or your loved ones.

To help you stay safe, we are sharing this list of the 10 most dangerous intersections in Gloucester.

We at GibsonSingleton consider it a calling to help our friends and neighbors in Gloucester. That’s why we encourage you to be extra cautious at the following intersections.

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The NTSB is investigating a major Virginia truck accident in Yorktown: Here’s what you need to know

By John Singleton on March 20, 2023

A tragic collision along Interstate 64 in York County is being investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). The NTSB mainly investigates airline crashes, but sometimes will investigate accidents involving other types of transportation.

An NTSB investigation of a non-airline crash generally occurs when there were unusual circumstances or when the crash has implications for transportation policy.

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Yes, tractors and farming vehicles have the right away in Virginia. How can you stay safe on the road with them?

By Ken Gibson on March 10, 2023

Virginia has changed a lot over the last 20 years. Our population has grown by more than 1.5 million, and our economy continues to diversify and expand. But agriculture is still the largest industry in the Commonwealth.  What does that mean for drivers?

More people means more traffic, and more traffic increases the chances of cars coming into contact with  farming equipment on Virginia roads, especially in rural areas.

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Should I share my dashcam footage after an accident in Virginia?

By Ken Gibson on February 28, 2023

Security cameras are becoming more prevalent in our world today. Many businesses have cameras that record what’s happening in and around their premises 24/7, while video surveillance systems do the same at many homes.

Some may find it alarming that our daily activities are constantly being recorded, but security cameras can offer some benefits. Bad actors are less likely to commit a crime when they know they’re being watched.

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Keep safe in parking lots this winter

By Ken Gibson on January 15, 2023

Winter in Virginia is beautiful, and many people are out visiting friends and family, or just running errands. But unfortunately, winter is a time when parking lot accidents increase.

Weather conditions and extra traffic create hazards that lead to more falls, car crashes, and pedestrian accidents overall. Several factors make parking lots more dangerous in particular. Bad weather conditions reduce visibility, and snow, rain, and ice make it harder for cars to stop quickly. Drivers may be intoxicated from attending winter parties or after meeting friends in restaurants or bars. Driving safely also becomes more difficult when drivers have a car full of people.

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How can I avoid accidents involving deer and other animals?

By John Singleton on November 10, 2022

A driver who causes an accident in an attempt to avoid hitting an animal in the road may have to pay for any damage caused by the crash. This may sound harsh, but the law finds it unreasonable for someone to put the lives of human beings at risk rather than hit an animal.

It doesn’t matter if the animal in the road is wild or domestic–if the driver swerves to avoid it and this results in damage, the driver can be held liable for injuries suffered by their own passengers and by people traveling in another car.

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Does tailgating really get you there faster?

By Ken Gibson on October 2, 2022

When there’s a traffic jam on a highway, sometimes the reason is obvious. Maybe it’s an accident ahead, or road work is causing some lanes to be shut down. But a lot of times, traffic jams just happen for no apparent reason. Traffic engineers call these incidents “phantom traffic jams.”

Most people assume these phantom traffic jams are caused by too many cars being on a road, and traffic jams do happen more often during heavy commute times.

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Stay safe on the road this Labor Day – easy tips for travelling before and while you drive!

By John Singleton on August 25, 2022

Labor Day is the day to honor the hard-working Americans who keep our economy going. It’s also a great time to take a break and celebrate with friends and family.

But, with so many people taking vacations or just enjoying local festivities, Labor Day weekend is a dangerous time to be on the road. In a recent year, 17 people died in car accidents on Virginia’s roads over the Labor Day weekend.

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Seven tips to drive safely in construction zones

By Ken Gibson on August 1, 2022

Keeping traffic flowing smoothly on our roads and highways is vital for maintaining a robust economy in Virginia. Our more than 6 million licensed drivers average one-way commutes of almost 30 minutes each day. Further, more than 10 percent of Virginia commuters work in another state.

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What to do when you see a blinking yellow turn arrow in Virginia

By John Singleton on July 20, 2022

When you’re getting ready to turn left at an intersection with a traffic light, you may have noticed a blinking yellow arrow with a sign next to it that says, “Left Turn Yield on Flashing Yellow Arrow.” The flashing yellow arrow is becoming more common at Virginia intersections. If you see one, it means you can turn left as soon as oncoming traffic is clear and no one is in the crosswalk.

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