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GibsonSingleton recognizes outstanding service during pandemic

By Beth Gibson on April 30, 2020

GibsonSingleton Virginia Injury Attorneys has helped our community recognize local service superstars – medical workers, first responders and educators – during the COVID-19 crisis.

Our law firm held three contests on Facebook in April to help people recognize outstanding local individuals in each field. Hundreds responded, taking time to recognize and thank someone else. We randomly selected the winners, and both the nominators and nominees received $50 gift certificates to local restaurants of their choice. We are also putting up three billboards on Route 17 and Route 14 to thank these service professionals.

“During this crisis, we have been amazed by how people are going well beyond just doing their jobs and are risking their lives to serve others with excellence and compassion,” said GibsonSingleton partner Ken Gibson said. “In the case of teachers, many have had to reinvent the way they work in a matter of days, often demonstrating extraordinary care and thoughtfulness. What has come through is the genuine concern that these outstanding individuals have for others ahead of self.”

Partner John Singleton followed these sentiments by saying, “It’s also been impressive to see the number of people in this community who took the time to write a tribute for someone else – whether it was a medical worker, a first responder or a teacher. People obviously notice extraordinary dedication and performance and don’t hesitate to show their appreciation.”

Contest Winners

In the medical worker category, Lindsay Nazak nominated Lindsay Smith, a registered nurse in Labor and Delivery at Riverside Regional. Nazak wrote to Smith, “Thank you for delivering those sweet babies into this crazy world right now!”

These winners chose Olivia’s and Scoot’s for their gift certificates.

For first responders, Gloucester EMT Danielle Leigh Gray recognized Morgan Hudnall for being an outstanding first responder. Hudnall is a dispatcher for Gloucester and an EMT for Gloucester Volunteer Fire and Rescue. Both chose Scoot’s BBQ.

When Gray, also a Gloucester EMT, found out she had won, she wrote, “Thank you so much. I am going to use this to buy my squad dinner.” Now that’s real service.

In the educator category, Tara Lord, a fifth-grade teacher at Bethel Elementary, recognized her colleague, Becky Johnson, a second-grade teacher at Bethel, writing, “She goes above and beyond! Very thankful to have her in my daughter’s life!”

Lord chose Juan’s Cafe and Johnson chose Bangkok Noi Thai for their gift certificates.

Partner John Singleton concluded, “We are humbled by the stories people shared about those who go above and beyond in serving during this crisis. We live in a special place.”

More information

More information about the firm’s outreach efforts is available on our Community Involvement page, or you may contact GibsonSingleton’s community outreach director, Beth Gibson, [email protected] or (804) 413-6777.

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